Asian Diet Pill Dangers

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has attempted with little success to rid the market of illegal and potentially harmful asian diet pills. These diet pills have led to the illness and death of thousands due to key ingredients like sibutramine and N-nitroso fenfluramine. These ingredients are appetite suppressants which are used to block the release of the neurotransmitters from leaving the brain making you feel full and as a result, eating less. In theory, these ingredients have proven effective for weight loss but come with deadly side effects, especially when manufactured and distributed in illegal doses up to three times the regulated daily amount. Asian diet pill manufacturers have been using a loophole to distribute diet pills that not only contain illegal amounts of listed key ingredients, but also by masking dangerous ingredients referring to them as “herbal ingredients,” or avoiding to identify them at all.

Chinese pill manufacturers have avoided safety tests used to identify health dangers by promoting diet pills and supplements as health foods and herbal remedies rather than pharmaceutical products. This allows manufacturers to skip regulatory procedures and put these products on the shelves without passing rigorous drug trials where potential dangers and side effects would have been recognized. The popularity of these diet pills has encouraged Chinese manufacturers to keep producing the drugs regardless of the rising public health risks that have been made apparent. Interestingly, as Asian health officials in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China have recently begun banning these illegal ingredients, manufacturers continue to find ways to get their products on the market. According to health officials, manufacturers are still lacing diet pills with illegal ingredients and when one is banned they simply make the same product and market it under a different name and often with a different appearance.

The United States is encountering the same problems. Although the FDA has repeatedly reported drug warnings and deadly side effects to the public, consumers are ignoring health risks and continuing to purchase these diet pills in stores and over the internet. Some of the common side effects include increase in blood pressure, rapid or irregular heart rate, constipation, dry mouth and in some cases anxiety and an inability to sleep. They have also been known to increase the risks of heart attacks, cause severe liver damage and strokes. A list of the most popular Asian Diet pills that have appeared on the FDA warning list include: Zhen de Shou, Imelda Perfect Slim,2 Day Diet, Japan Lingzhi 24 Hour Diet, 3 Day Diet, Herbal Slim, Miaozi Slim, GMP, Superslim, Fruta Planta, Slim Express 360, Slimtech, Somotrin, Triple Slim along with dozens of others. They are all known to have been laced with dangerous levels of sibutramine and N-nitroso fenfluramine and have contributed to a number of deaths internationally and in the US.

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