The Most Dangerous Prescription Medications of 2013

When you read that there is a list of the most dangerous prescription medications it can be quite shocking. Most of us as patients do what we are told, and the truth is that sometimes it can actually hurt us.

Though many of us have a need to take certain medications, there are others who can benefit by changing their lifestyle instead. It’s well worth evaluating what your own specific needs are and then determining if the benefits outweigh the risks.

If you are taking any of these medications then you must ask yourself if it is truly necessary. If your health condition warrants it then that’s one thing. If however you are just doing what your doctor told you without being sure that it’s the best course, then it may be time to figure out natural methods. These are the most dangerous prescription medications for a variety of reasons, and they may not even be totally necessary in some cases.


Sure there are some people who truly benefit from cholesterol medication. If you have other health problems such as a heart condition, then your doctor may tell you that this is essential. If however you can try to get your cholesterol down naturally or through a change in lifestyle, then it may be advised. The reason that this makes the list for one of the most dangerous prescription medications is that it can have adverse side effects.

The reality is that in many cases, the medication can have a lot of negative side effects and cause heart or other health problems that didn’t even exist before. So if you find yourself in this situation, then it may be wise to try to instead lose some weight and change to a healthier lifestyle instead. That may be all that you need!

Prevacid and Other Heartburn Medications

Yes if you happen to have a specific gastrointestinal health problem, then this may be necessary. The problem is that so many people turn to heartburn medications when they could just use natural cures like ginger. Heartburn medications can interfere with your natural system and how you produce acid. So this may turn into one of the most dangerous prescription medications as it alters the way that you digest food overall. Try this on your own unless you really have a bigger problem like ulcers or the like.

Pain Killers Like Vicodin

Sure they serve their purpose, but they also happen to be the most addictive medications out there. This is why painkillers like vicodin and others related may do more harm than good. So the fact that they can easily become addictive makes them one of the most dangerous prescription medications around. Use them only if necessary and then try to cope with the pain naturally or on your own when possible.

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