The Most Effective Alternatives to Depression Medications

More people are now seeking alternatives to depression medications, which may help speed up their recovery process and free them from the clutches of depression.

Depression affects people worldwide, and therefore various studies are being carried out to come up with effective alternatives to depression medications, which may help the people suffering from the ailment. Many people are also seeking alternatives that may reduce their dependence on antidepressants and minimize side effects. Here are few of the most effective alternatives to medication for depression:

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga help your mind and body relax by relieving you of anxiety and stress that may lead to depression. Relaxation techniques, which include progressive relaxation techniques, deep breathing, meditation, and yoga are known to relieve depression symptoms and promote a feeling of overall well-being and joy.


Acupuncture is also among the effective alternatives to depression medications and is popularly used for treating depression in pregnant women who cannot use depression medications owing to their potential side-effects. Acupuncture techniques that specifically target depression have been studied to be effective for treating depression.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another effective alternative. It decreases the level of cortisol and increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin, which stabilize the mood and promote a feeling of well-being.


Aromatherapy is another alternative that relieves the symptoms of depression. Among the essential oils used in aromatherapy for combating depression are sandalwood, jasmine, rose, basil, geranium, and bergamot. Aromatherapy works for relieving depression symptoms by triggering smell receptors that are connected to mood-related brain areas. Aromatherapy may be used in various ways for treating depression, including room spray, diffusion, baths, massage, and hair and skin products.


Biofeedback is helpful for relieving the symptoms of even chronic depression by teaching individuals who suffer from depression to exercise control over some of the involuntary body functions. Heart-rate variability biofeedback is particularly helpful in the treatment of depression, with its mode of action entailing the exercise and rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system of the individual.


Hypnosis is also recognized among the effective alternatives to depression medications as it can help address the underlying causes of depression in individuals and arrive at coping behaviors to help treat the condition.

These alternatives to depression medications are recognized as the most effective unconventional options that are helpful in treating depression in individuals. These alternatives, apart from being effective, are also natural and thus entail no side-effects.

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