The Connection between Your BMI and Cancer Risk

Cancer is one of the most feared types of disease. In most cases, cancer cannot be cured. This is why it is important that all necessary preventive measures be taken. One of the main causes of the development of cancer in the body is obesity. A single reason cannot be identified as to how BMI is linked to cancer; but let’s review the known connections between your BMI and cancer risk.

Why Obesity Causes Cancer

BMI and cancer risk are directly correlated, though there is no one, single reason for this. In fact, there are various reasons why obese individuals have an increased risk of cancer. Moreover, the type of cancer that is caused is not limited; obesity can be the core reason behind any type of cancer. Let’s look at a few reasons why obesity results in cancer:

Estrogen Levels

Obese individuals typically have high levels of fat tissue. There are many types of problems that are caused within the body due to the elevated fat tissue levels. One of the main problems caused by fat tissue increase is the rise in estrogen.

When fat levels rise to a certain extent, they cause a spike in estrogen level. When these estrogen levels spike, they cause various types of cancer. The most common types of cancer associated with the rise in estrogen are breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

Insulin Levels

Another common problem obese individuals have is a fluctuation in blood sugar levels. The blood sugar level irregularity is caused by fluctuation in insulin levels. In some cases, the blood sugar levels increase. However, Wwen insulin increases, the blood sugar levels drop drastically. This causes certain types of tumors to develop in the body. Tumors eventually transform into cancer if left untreated.

Tumor Growth Regulators

The body produces certain tumor growth regulators naturally. These include AMP Activated Protein and Mammalian Target Rapamycin, or mTOR. The fat cells in the body disturb the function of these regulators, though they do not have this effect at all times. Sometimes the effect is indirect.

However, once disturbed, these tumor growth regulators can cause a lot of problems. Various types of tumors may start forming within the body. These tumors are often hard to spot and frequently develop into cancer.

These are some of the direct and indirect ways in which BMI and cancer risk are linked. The best method to prevent cancer is to keep the BMI within the specified range.

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