Anti-Malaria Drug Shown Effective at Controlling Asthma

Asthma is a disease of the respiratory tract. When a person suffers from an asthma attack, the airways get inflamed. Inflamed airways make it difficult for one to breathe. The airways become so sensitive that they become inflamed due to the slightest allergic reactions. There are many symptoms that show that an individual is experiencing an asthma attack.

Asthmatics do not suffer from attacks throughout the day but at specific times. However, the times of the attacks vary from person to person. There are many medicines that can help in controlling asthma. However, research suggests that an anti-malaria drug has proven to be effective in controlling attacks as well.

Which Anti-Malaria Drug Has Proven Effective in Controlling Asthma?

There is an anti-malaria drug that has been in use for a while now. This drug is herbal and is known as artesunate. Even though this drug is meant to prevent malaria, it has proved effective in controlling asthma. Research was conducted by the National University of Singapore to study the effects of this herbal drug.

The research suggested that artesunate can provide relief from asthma more effectively than any other drug on the market. The best part about artesunate is that it does not have harmful side-effects. Most asthma medicines are quite effective, but they have side effects. But with this herbal anti-malaria drug, one can curb asthma effectively without having to deal with adverse effects.

What Effect Does the Drug Have on Asthma?

This anti-malaria drug has a therapeutic effect on lungs. When the airways get inflamed, they become irritated with the slightest allergy. This becomes a problem for asthmatics. This is because almost anything can trigger an asthma attack. Some people can even have an asthma attack when the weather changes. To make matters worse, continued asthma attacks can also cause oxidative damage to the lungs. This causes the asthma attacks to worsen over time. Artesunate’s soothing effect prevents this damage to the lungs and can prevent asthma attacks from getting severe over time.

The research conducted by the NUS also suggested that this drug is effective in curbing the adverse effects of other asthma medicines. This drug is still being studied for its therapeutic effects, but in the near future, it should be available for use. This herbal weight-loss drug is without a doubt a step forward in controlling asthma. As soon as its effects are tried and tested, it should be made available to patients for use.

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