Newest Prescription Weight Loss Medications With FDA Approval

Belviq, one of the newest prescription weight loss medications, is showing signs of promise. Dieters who have used Belviq during its trial have only good things to say. When users were taken off of Belviq they noticed their excess weight returning. The Belviq formula design seems safe, however there are some concerns that still remain. Belviq is thought to be the cure for the nation’s obesity epidemic. Belviq is actually the first new prescription medication for weight loss in 13 years.

When taking this prescription medication, users were able to easily stick to a 1500 calorie a day diet. Users reported feeling less hungry throughout the day, while still having a lot of energy. Users report when they ate more than they planned to while taking Belviq, they felt uncomfortably full and didn’t do it very often. Users report that after being switched off the medication and onto a placebo medication they then began to feel the weight come back. Users say that they plan on going back to the medication now that it is approved by the FDA.

Although this prescription medication, Belviq appears to be completely safe, some panel members have still showed some concern. This is quire normal with all of the newest prescription weight loss medications. When Belviq was tested on lab animals, the animals developed tumors and heart valve problems. In the Belviq users however, their tests showed no evidence of issues.

There are some other side effects associated with Belviq. It should not be used while pregnant. Some of these serious side effects of Belviq include serotonin syndrome, a chronic increase in serotonin levels or the activation of certain serotonin receptors. When Belviq is taken with other drugs, such as the ones used to treat migraines or depression, this increases the risk of serotonin syndrome. Belviq has also caused users to become forgetful and have trouble concentrating and focusing.

Another of the newest prescription weight loss medications that is Qsymia, formerly known as Qnexa. Qsymia is actually a combination of topiramate, an anti-seizure medication and phentermine, a well-known appetite suppressant medication. Phentermine is a well-known ingredient used in many prescription weight loss medications. Phentermine has been known to work very well at suppressing the appetite and allowing the user to lose weight rather rapidly.

The nation’s obesity epidemic is one of the biggest health problems we are currently facing. Trying to get through to people with lifestyle changes and dieting does not seem to be the answer, or is not working for many people. Many people are turning to prescription medications for their weight loss answers. Doctors are hoping to have other drug options in the future to treat obesity so that if one doesn’t work they can turn to another. As the two newest prescription weight loss medications, Belviq and Qsymia can be added to this list of options.

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