How Does Green Tea Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk?

There are many benefits of consuming green tea on a regular basis. Many studies show that green tea prevents cardiac diseases. Many people also use green tea as an antioxidant. Moreover, it is quite effective at regulating the cholesterol levels in your body.

Without a doubt, green tea is beneficial for the human body. It can even boost your weight loss efforts. However, most people do not know what else this marvelous herbal tea can do. There are quite a few studies that suggest green tea is effective at reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Polyphenols in Green Tea

The first thing that intrigues most people is the low cancer rate in countries where green tea is consumed in high quantities. This leads one to believe that green tea could be responsible for this. Without a doubt, green tea can definitely reduce pancreatic cancer risk. However, the exact reason it prevents cancer is not yet clear.

There is research to suggest that a type of chemical present in green tea, known as polyphenols, may be responsible for this. Polyphenols are believed to kill the cells that cause cancer and even prevent them from growing. There have been numerous studies conducted to check the authenticity of this phenomenon.

Pancreatic Cancer and Green Tea

Green tea contains an acid known as EGCG. Cancer cells have a chemical in them known as LDHA. The EGCG in green tea counters the cancerous effect of these cells. The EGCG in green tea disrupts the metabolism of the cancer cells. Once the metabolism of these cancer cells is disturbed, they fail to produce LDHA. Once this cancer-causing chemical is not produced, the cancer cells are not able to spread through the body. Thus, green tea is able to reduce pancreatic cancer risk.

Further Research into Benefits of Green Tea Against Cancer

Even though there is extensive research to suggest that green tea fights cancer, there is not sufficient evidence to consider this finding conclusive. There are quite a few successful cases in which green tea did, in fact, alter the metabolism of cancer-causing cells for the better. However, there is not enough evidence for doctors to begin prescribing green tea as a sure-shot method to reduce pancreatic cancer risk or cure the disease.

Regardless of whether green tea cures cancer or not, it is definitely beneficial for the health. In fact, you should make it a point to consume two to three cups of green tea daily. It enhances the metabolism and boosts your weight loss efforts.

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