Best Herbs and Spices That Can Replace Salt in Food

If you are somebody who wants to replace salt in food that you eat, then there is good news to be found. Many people assume wrongly that, if they have to get rid of salt or cut back on it dramatically, there are no alternative options available to them.

They take it as bad news and fear that they will never get to enjoy the taste of flavorful food again. Though it may take some getting used to, you will find many healthier options that work just as well as, or better than, salt. So if you have high blood-pressure or other health problems that cause you to limit your salt, then it’s time to look into some better alternatives.

As you work to replace salt in food, you want to start with some fresh herbs and spices. Think of the types of tastes that you enjoy or cuisines that you eat often and then work from there. If you are a lover of Italian food, then you may find that fresh basil, oregano, and garlic satisfy your taste buds. These are all excellent herbs and spices that you can use safely in a healthy way—and they offer some amazing flavor. Try to add in parsley and rosemary to offset and complement these options, as they will really blend together in a unique way. The more creativity, the better!

Go for the Flavors That You Enjoy

If you are looking to replace salt in food, think of some other unique and memorable flavors that you enjoy. You may find that you enjoy cilantro, cayenne, cumin, or even chili powder for a little zest to your food. You want to consider the types of foods that you are looking to spice up, but these are good starting ideas. You will learn to enjoy fresh flavors, such as simple elements like olive oil, lemon juice, and even vinegar. You won’t miss the salt, and you will really get to enjoy some fresh flavors with even these basic options. Many of these are already in your kitchen and just waiting to be used.

When you replace salt in food, you reap many benefits. You get to enjoy the actual taste of food without it being masked by salt. You can work to lower your blood pressure and become healthier, and you won’t even miss the taste of salt. Get creative and have fun with new flavors, like fresh mint or spices you’ve always wanted to try. If you enjoy new flavors or specific profiles, then you will love swapping out salt for healthier options. Added salt is not a necessary dietary component, and by working to replace it, you can focus on the natural virtues of what you are eating. You will find some great alternatives and health benefits to help you make salt truly a thing of the past.

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