How to Determine What Supplements Your Body Really Needs

It can be a brainbuster to figure out what supplements your body really needs. There are best supplements for men and best supplements for women as well. This is because every person in different situations needs different supplements. Determining what is right for you is easier when you break it down into several different categories of considerations, as we will do for you here.

Supplements Your Body Really Needs as a Man

Men need vitamin D in triple the amount of women. But the fact is that vitamin D is not a water-soluble vitamin, so you can overdose. The best way to find out how much you personally need is to see your doctor. Weight, height, and BMI are factors to consider to get this right.

Apart from vitamin D, vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as amino fatty acids, are important for prostate health and building muscle.

Supplements Your Body Really Needs as a Woman

Now, women need all of the above nutrients and then some. Not that men don’t need calcium–they do–but women need calcium way more. They also need everything that supports reproductive health. This is true throughout life because you are constantly changing hormonally, from your childbearing years to menopause and beyond. Calcium, magnesium, and zinc, as well as potassium, must be had in the daily recommended amounts to carry nutrients through the blood. They are also very instrumental in balancing the hormones. These nutrients, without too many others, would represent a healthy start in terms of supplements for women.

How to Get the Supplements Your Body Really Needs

Well, there are supplements, and then there are supplements.You could take as many supplements as you want but may or may not benefit from them. This is all in how you are shopping. When you are looking for the supplements your body really needs, you have to be discerning because they are not all the same quality. The fillers in them can leave you without benefit; and there is another caveat. The proprietary blends are also lacking because in a multivitamin that is herbal you are never sure how many of the supplements your body really needs you are actually getting. Make sure you are getting your vitamins from a naturopathic source. That means as natural as you can get it without the proprietary nonsense.

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