The Many Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

If you have a pet then you know firsthand just how wonderful they can be. Though they may be a part of your family that you take for granted, it’s important to note how truly important they really are. Animals can help with a variety of health conditions, and that’s what people don’t necessarily realize.

We tend to think of pets as nice little additions to the family that make us feel happy, but there is truly something behind that. If you never heard of or never believed in animal-assisted therapy, then it’s time to get behind this and use it in your own life. Whether you have a pet of your own or just want increased exposure to animals in general, you stand to gain a wide range of benefits by doing so.

Animals are such a meaningful part of our lives, and so it’s time to really pay attention to all they have to offer. They can help to lift us out of a fog and may actually improve our mental state overall. We tend to think of the happy feelings and positive emotions that we feel when we see a cute little puppy or kitten—and that’s precisely what we want to use to help us recognize that this can be an effective type of therapy as well. If you never really considered that animals can act as a therapeutic fixture in your life, then you are about to be amazed when you hear about the many benefits that they bring.

Whether you visit an animal often or you want to take it one step further to get a pet or to better appreciate your own, then you will find that investing into animal-assisted therapy can help you far more than you ever realized to be possible. Pets can be pure magic when it comes to your mental, emotional, and even physical health!

They can help to lower blood pressure and even help with better heart health: Start by understanding that pets can help you to release endorphins, which are essentially “feel good hormones”. This is equivalent to a workout and that means that you are helping to improve cardiovascular health every time you spend some time with an animal. In the long run you can help to lower elevated blood pressure levels and you may improve your heart health now and into the long term as well.

They can help to improve mood and may help with depression: One of the most notable benefits of animal-assisted therapy is just how much this can help with mood. If you are in a bad mood, think of how much better you feel after spending some time with your pet. Now apply that to a bigger picture view, and you will find that improving mood can translate to overcoming depression—and the help goes out further and further to help with emotional and mental health issues as well. That makes for a wonderful advantage of having a pet!

They can help to lower the actual physical pain that an individual may suffer from: This is a newer advantage discovered by spending time with animals, and it is being looked at quite extensively. Patients who have chronic pain or who have gone through surgery or some other procedure may find that their pain is lessened when they spend time with animals. This has to do with the hormones released and the positive mindset that an animal may provide, and that just adds to the wonderful advantage of pets.

They can help to increase your focus and may even help children with reading and school work: This is another key benefit of animal-assisted therapy that is being investigated more thoroughly. For kids who have learning abilities or who just need more help with concentrating, animals may be the answer. They can help kids to focus more and to learn how to read faster and more efficiently. There are so many wonderful things about animals, and now we see just how long the list of benefits can be!

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