Benefits of Vitamin C: Similar Effects on Cardiovascular Health as Exercise

When it comes to your heart health, you want to give it the very best possible each day. This might mean that it is time to start taking some vitamin C to make you feel your best. While this vitamin might not be able to help out with the cold as much as previously thought, though it can keep it from getting worse, it is able to help with other issues like heart health, issues with the immune system, and even eye disease. Here are some of the benefits of vitamin C and why you should consider taking it for your heart.

How it Helps
One of the best benefits of vitamin C is that it can help out with your heart. There are a lot of conditions that can happen in the body that will weaken the heart and could put your health at risk. Some of the ways that vitamin C can help out here include:

· Preventing disease—this is especially true when it comes to coronary artery disease. It is able to do this by enhancing the amount of glutathione, a radical that can go through the arteries and protect them.

· Strengthens up the blood vessels—this is because one of the benefits of vitamin C is that it will make more collagen, the connecting tissue that makes the artery and blood vessel walls stronger than before.

· Helps the arteries widen—this can be helpful during times when blood is needed more than other times like exercising.

How Much Do I Need?
This is going to depend on what chart you go with. The recommended daily amounts from the government state that you need about 90 milligrams each day, but many doctors will prescribe that you take a lot more in order to get all of the health benefits of vitamin C; these doctors will recommend that you take in at least 500 milligrams. Unless you are on a diet that requires a lot of fruits and vegetables, you will probably need to take some kind of supplement in order to get in enough of this nutrients since your body is not going to manufacture this nutrient on its own.

Make sure that you are taking in enough vitamin C each day in order to get the health and benefits that are promised!

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