The Latest Medications for Treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

When you are dealing with complex regional pain syndrome, you know that it is not comfortable to deal with and you want it gone as soon as possible. Some of the different treatments that you can go with include:

· Sympathetic nerve blocks—the first treatment that is available for complex regional pain syndrome is this one. This is where the blocks are going to be placed, in a variety of ways, in order to provide quite a bit of relief for the person who is in pain. For example, one of the blocks that may be chosen will involve having a kind of anesthetic placed in the spine in order to block the nerves directly that are causing the pain.

· Surgical sympathectomy—this is the next kind of treatment that you can consider for your complex regional pain syndrome. In this option, you will be messing with the nerves to get the pain to go away, which is one of the things that makes it a very controversial procedure. You are effectively going to be destroying the nerves so that you no longer feel the pain anymore. Some doctors think this is a good thing for a positive outcome while others do not think it helps at all. This is usually only considered as a last case scenario when the other options are not working.

· Drug pumps through an intrathecal—this treatment is going to take pumps as well as implanted catheters in order to send the medication that is needed to relieve the pain right into the fluid of the spinal cord. This allows the pain to get taken care of directly rather than waiting for it to get there through other means.

· Stimulation of the spinal cord—in this option for treating the complex regional pain syndrome, you will have electrodes placed right by the spinal cord. This will go on for a bit in the hopes that it will be able to offer some relief to those who have the condition. In most cases, it does work and it is a good starting point for some of the first visits and can work for a long time.

As you can see, there are some options that are available to help out with this issue, but you have to go into your doctor to get the treatment that you need. Do not live with the pain; get the help you need for your complex regional pain syndrome as soon as possible.

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