The Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

When things are considered to be “off limits” then this can almost make them more desirable. Though there are some times when certain drugs may help you, they are considered to be bad or out of reach because they aren’t accepted in the mainstream.

Though something like alcohol or tobacco may be considered to be just fine because they are legal, something like marijuana is considered by some to be bad because it is not in many cases. When you think of it in the light of medical marijuana though, it starts to become a little bit easier to accept by the mainstream. Seeing as this is a drug that can help people deal with their chronic pain, you start to see it in a different light.

Though this is a drug that can help so many people with their pain and discomfort that they suffer with, there is still a lot of debate about it. For some people they simply can’t get past the fact that this has been an illegal drug for so long, and therefore they aren’t willing to see it as anything less. If you can look at it with an open mind though, you will see that there are some serious merits to it. As with anything, you want to consider the pros and the cons, for you will find that there are a lot of these. There is no doubt that this will continue to be debated, but if it can help some people then it may be worth it.

Whether you believe in medical marijuana or not, you do want to consider both sides of the debate. Weighing out the pros and cons may help you see the big picture, and at the very least will help you to decide if it’s right for you or not.

It can help with pain relief in a natural way, but it could become habit forming:

This is probably the most debated point surrounding this drug. Yes, it can offer pain relief and help people with their ailments and health conditions. That’s a wonderful thing! The problem, however, that so many people worry about is that this could become habit forming. This is a drug that has the potential for people to become hooked on, and so there is a lot of concern that though it may help, it could also cause some longer term problems in the process.

Legalizing it can make it less desirable for some, but it can also become accessible to the wrong people:

What many people will argue is that making medical marijuana legal means that it’s accessible. This means that it’s not as out of reach or “off limits” and therefore the wrong people won’t really want it. The accessibility is precisely what worries some people though. They feel that having it readily available will mean that more of the wrong people use it, and that’s certainly something to weigh out.

Some people may wish to use it to help their ailments, but they may also try to self medicate without a doctor’s input:

There is always the problem and worry about people trying to medicate themselves. They may wish to diagnose their problems and turn to this drug for help that they may or may not even need. You want to be sure that patients still talk to their doctors and understand if this is a viable option for them or not. For the right people it can work well, but to others it may not be a necessity.

It can help get drugs off the street so to speak, but it can also be the gateway to other drugs too:

When you consider the accessibility of medical marijuana it means that it’s not on the streets from drug dealers as readily, and that’s a good thing. There is now a way to get it easily for the right people. The worry however is that this can act as a gateway drug, and therefore lead to bigger and more powerful drugs. If used for the right reasons then this isn’t a worry, but far too many people will use it for the wrong reasons—and so the debate will likely continue on!

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