5 Things Everyone Should Know About Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil has been in the news recently and, for a change, the news is positive. With marijuana being legalized around the country, for medical use as of now, it is only a matter of time before the properties of this oil come to the fore and people realize how beneficial it can be for them. It has been proven that the oil extracted from cannabis helps provide relief from pain and discomfort, particularly for cancer patients. Needless to say, the benefits it offers are numerous.

However, before you can enjoy the benefits, there are some things you should know about cannabis oil. Here are 5 of them:

1. As mentioned, the oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. A number of methods are used, with butane being a frequently used solvent in the process.

2. The oil is composed of cannabinoids, which mainly include CBD and THC. It has a sticky texture and a thick viscosity.

3. Though wax, hash oil, and shatter are terms often used to refer to cannabis oil, they vary in terms of texture and consistency. The oil itself is the most potent form of marijuana available, and this is why it is different from wax, shatter, and any other terms used for it.

4. Contamination is often a concern when it comes to the oil. This can be in the extraction method itself or the cannabinoids may not be of the best quality, or they might not be present at all. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you get your oil from a reliable and reputable vendor, not from a dealer in the neighborhood.

5. Last, but not the least, the legalization of cannabis oil is under a cloud. Some states allow its use while others don’t. In almost all states where use is allowed, it is for medicinal purposes only and not for recreational use. This can go against the growing popularity of the substance but it will be some time before its use is allowed far and wide. Till then, stay up to date with state laws so that you don’t get into any trouble if you plan on using this oil, even for medical purposes.

These are 5 things you should know about cannabis oil. There is no doubt that it is beneficial for your health and can make life easier for people dealing with painful conditions, but at the same time, you have to check its legality.

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