New Implant Provides Medicine to Control Addiction

Addiction is a common problem faced by people across the world. Once a person gets hooked on to prescription drugs or narcotics, it can be difficult to get off, particularly because withdrawal can lead to a number of health concerns. However, this might well be a thing of the past as a new device has been approved, which is claimed to help people control addiction. The device has been evaluated and approved by federal health officials, meaning it is safe to use and will be made available to the public in the near future.

The device itself is an implant, which is ‘drug-oozing’. According to the official documentation, the implant will help people addicted to painkillers or heroin by reducing their cravings as well as reducing the harmful effects of withdrawal. The implant has been designed to work for six months, helping people reduce their dependency on the substance they have become addicted to. The name of the device is Probuphine. As of now, there are over 2 million people in the US alone who are battling addictions, and this device might prove effective at helping them control addiction.

Needless to say, the device itself is unique, both in terms of design and for the purpose it has been created. The implant will be used as a carrier for a drug manufactured by Braebum Pharmaceuticals, who have also come up with the idea for the implant. Via the implant, their drug, buprenorphine, will be oozed into the body of the patient, which reduces the risk of doses being taken too frequently or not enough. This ensures there is little to no chance of relapse, resulting in effective treatment of addiction.

The implant will initially be introduced for addicts who have been using the drug for at least six months, except those who are on a high dose. The number cited by the manufacturer is over 300,000 people. Previously, the implant was rejected by the FDA, back in 2012. At that time, the FDA stated that the dose of the medicine being administered was too low for effective treatment of addiction. The company has rectified that shortcoming and now they will be bringing the implant to the market to help people control addiction to opioids and other harmful substances.

What remains to be seen is how effective it proves at delivering the results the company promises it will deliver.

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