Possible Link Between Estrogen and Migraines Found

Do you suffer from migraines regularly but you and your doctor have not been able to figure out the cause or the solution to this debilitating ailment? Well, experts have possibly found a link between estrogen and migraines, so continue reading to learn more. It could be that you can actually get to the root of the problem and get the relief that you need after all.

What New Studies Are Saying
A new medical study has found that women who get migraines experience a more rapid drop in the estrogen hormone in the days that lead up to menstruation. This is compared to women who do not experience the same intense headaches.

What do these studies really indicate? Well, they suggest that there could be a link between estrogen and migraines, or estrogen withdrawal and menstrual migraines, to be more specific. When rapid estrogen decline occurs, the women become more vulnerable to the common causes of migraine headaches, such as a lack of sleep, wine, certain foods, and stress.

The Question of Whether Oral Contraceptives May Help
The link between migraines and the use of oral contraceptives continues to be unclear. Using birth control could potentially change or worsen any pre-existing patterns for migraines. Also, in a small percentage of women, they may not show improvement at all, or they might experience some improvement. The overall concern with the use of oral contraceptives is the question of how they will actually affect the severity of migraines, as well as their frequency.

Migraines could be affected by the birth control pill in a few ways. First off, the attacks might start for the very first time. Secondly, pre-existing migraines might get worse. There might also be a change in the pattern of migraines, the migraines might improve, or there might not be any change. Some studies have already suggested that there actually isn’t any change when oral contraceptives are used.

More Research Needed
Even though experts have gained a bit more insight into why some women may suffer with migraines during their menstruation, they will need to conduct more studies in order to get more conclusive results. There could be a relationship between daily hormonal shifts and severe headaches.

In the meantime, if you suffer with migraines, it could be a good idea to speak to your doctor about estrogen and migraines. Your doctor will be able to help you get the right diagnosis and treatment so you can finally get relief.

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