Cancer Survivors Offered Free 12 Week YMCA Program through LIVESTRONG

Targeted Cancer Therapy Information

Surviving cancer is a major achievement, and LIVESTRONG has been honoring these powerful survivors by offering a free 12 week YMCA program through their company. Want to know more about what this program is all about and why it is so beneficial? Then continue reading to check out the information below for yourself or a loved one.

The Reason for the Program

What inspired LIVESTRONG to create their free 12 week YMCA program for cancer survivors? Well, it all came down to the open dialogue that they have had with cancer survivors via their research and surveys. They discovered that one of the biggest concerns amongst those survivors was how hard it is to return to regular physical activity after they have received their harsh treatments. As a result, LIVESTRONG decided to partner with the YMCA back in 2007, and they have since created this outstanding program in order to help survivors get back into a routine that will foster their health for many years to come.

What the Program Is All About

If you or someone you know would benefit from this unique program, you can participate in low cost or even free customized exercise programs that are catered to your particular needs. You will work with certified fitness teachers who are trained specifically in cancer survivorship, supportive cancer care, and post-rehab exercises. Oftentimes, the survivors and their families get a membership to the YMCA as well for the duration of this program.

What the Future Holds

LIVESTRONG worked with some Yale University researchers recently, as well as researchers from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, in order to conduct further research on how their free 12 week YMCA program has been impacting cancer survivors. What they found was that people who participated had major increases in their activity level, fitness performance, and quality of life. They also experienced decreases in fatigue related to their cancer. That’s why the program will expand by the end of 2016, when LIVESTRONG will begin offering this program in up to 25 new YMCA associations.

Thus far, this program from LIVESTRONG has helped nearly 40,000 cancer survivors in more than 500 communities. Also, nearly 3,000 YMCA staff members have been trained to help these cancer survivors. It is great to see the impact that this program has already made, and many people are already looking to the future to expand it and make it better than ever for many years to come.

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