The Newest FDA Approved Drugs of 2016

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US is responsible for testing the safety and efficacy of new drugs which are submitted every year by manufacturers for approval. Like every year, 2016 also saw a number of drugs submitted for approval, of which a few were eventually approved. Here’s a look at the newest FDA approved drugs of 2016:

For Hepatology
Two drugs have been approved under this category. The first is Zepatier, manufactured by Merck, which has been approved as a treatment for chronic HCV genotypes 1 or 4. The second drug is Defitelio, which will be used as a treatment for hepatic veno-occlusive disease.

For Dermatology
The sole drug on this list which relates to dermatology is Taltz. The drug has been designed to effectively eliminate plaque psoriasis. Because of the condition which this drug treats, it is also listed under immunology.

For Immunology
In addition to Taltz, the newest FDA approved drugs of 2016 for immunology include:

Descovy, which will be prescribed to patients suffering from HIV 1
Odefsey, which has also been designed for treating HIV 1, but in the earlier stages, which means it might be used in combination with Descovy

For Nephrology
The drug for treating advanced renal cell carcinoma manufactured by Exelixis, named Cabometyx, has been approved by the FDA earlier this year.

For Pulmonary Diseases
The FDA has approved a couple of drugs under this category as well. First is Cinqair, which will be used for treating severe asthma. The second drug is Bevespi Aerosphere, which will help patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease find relief from their condition.

For Family Medication

Under this category, the only drug the FDA has approved this year is Onzetra Xsail. This drug is the latest in a long line of migraine medicines and will definitely be tried by many people as the incidence of migraine increases around the world.

For Neurology
Neurology is one area of medicine where the FDA has approved no less than 3 medicines, including the aforementioned Onzetra Xsail. The other two include Briviact, which treats partial onset seizures as caused by epilepsy, and Nuplazid, which has been designed to help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease find relief from hallucinations and delusions.

These are some of the newest FDA approved drugs of 2016. There are several more on the list which is available on the official FDA website.

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