Eating Fruits Helps Reduce Cancer Risk Among Teens

Generally, eating 5 servings of fruit a day is recommended for everyone. Fruits contain a host of nutrients the body needs to function optimally. In short, eating more fruit can bolster your health and at the same time, reduce the risk of a number of health problems. Often, parents have a hard time getting their kids to eat more fruit, but a recent study has shown that teens that have a high fruit intake can reduce cancer risk, particularly when it comes to breast cancer.

Cases of breast cancer have been on the rise over the past few years and even young girls are now at a greater risk.

Often, this is attributed to the modern lifestyle and a growing dependence on packaged and processed foods, which don’t contain the nutrients and other necessary elements the body needs. As per the study, eating more fruit during their teens can reduce cancer risk among girls in the future. While there are a wide variety of fruits which contain nutrients, the study mentioned grapes, apples, and bananas as being effective against cancer.

According to the study, the best way to reduce cancer risk by increasing fruit consumption is to eat three servings of fruit a day. However, it is specifically mentioned that fruits cannot be replaced with fruit juices or smoothies. Teens have to eat the fruits to reap their benefits. The study is being hailed as the first to actually show the link between increased fruit intake during teenage years and breast cancer. It is also being hoped that further studies would uncover the positive impact fruit consumption can have on other types of cancers.

The interesting aspect of the study is that the data used for it was collected over two decades back. Initially, a survey was conducted in 1991 and it involved 90,000 women. A second survey was conducted in 1998, which involved 44,000 women. The surveys sought information on the eating habits of the ladies and their risk of breast cancer. The results clearly show that the women who consumed more fruit during their teen years reported fewer cases of breast cancer.

Of course, this study is to be hailed with caution, as further research is required to discover how fruits can reduce the risk of cancer. That being said, it is an encouraging step towards cultivating habits in children and teens which can reduce their risk of serious diseases once they grow up.

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