New Tanning Drug Could Help Increase Protection Against UV Rays

New Tanning Drug coming

A new tanning drug has the potential to stop people from lying in the sun while still giving them that golden summery look they desire. The hope is to allow people to enjoy being tan without having to increase their risk of skin cancer through prolonged UV ray exposure.

For many years, dermatologists have been trying to tell people that getting a tan isn’t worth it and that the risks are far higher than the tanned look could ever justify. Every summer they launch new campaigns to try to change people’s perceptions about being tan, attempting to encourage a trend toward a person’s natural skin shade instead of a sun-darkened one.

However, there are some people who simply adore the look of their skin after it has had some sun and who will try to achieve it whether it means lying on a beach or in a tanning bed. This new tanning drug may change all that.

If the new tanning drug ever takes off, it has the potential to reduce the skyrocketing rate of melanoma and to boost the rate of sunscreen use at the same time. Over the last thirty years, there has been about a tripling of melanoma cases and yet only 38 percent of people are using sunscreen on a regular basis.

The medication is applied topically to the skin and triggers the production of melanin. Melanin is the substance in the skin that causes it to have a darker color. UV light exposure naturally causes this to occur, but the drug would let this happen without the need to expose oneself to an increased risk of skin cancer from UV rays.

People using the drug would simply rub it on in the same way that they would put on a lotion. Once applied, it sinks into the skin where the pigment production occurs. The drug itself doesn’t contain any pigment. In this way, it can help people to avoid that orange or streaky look that is quite common when using self-tanners or spray-on tans.

The motivation behind the development of this drug is to help to reduce the rate of skin cancer. As it has been made clear that millions of people are willing to risk their health for cosmetic reasons, the industry has been forced to acknowledge that if they want to shrink skin cancer rates, they need to provide tanners with an attractive and realistic alternative to lying in the sun or using a tanning bed.

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