What Your Cravings for Salt Could be Telling You

What Cravings for Salt Mean

Do you find yourself dealing with cravings for salt often? There are a few things that your body might be trying to tell you when you want to reach for that bag of salty potato chips or those salty French fries.

What Your Cravings for Salt Could Mean:

You Might Need More Minerals

The next time that you experience cravings for salt, consider the fact that your body might be telling you that you need additional minerals in your diet. Sodium is a mineral that is found in table salt, and that is why you want to reach for something tasty and salty. It might be that your adrenal glands or your thyroid gland require additional minerals, too, so consider having higher quality sea salt that naturally contains more minerals and can help your body maintain the right balance of electrolytes as well.

You Might Be Getting Dehydrated

Another reason that you are dealing with cravings for salt might be because your body is becoming dehydrated. When you want to eat something salty, it might be because your body is trying to get you to eat and drink more in order to maintain the right balance of fluids for optimal health. If you are feeling thirsty, if your skin is clammy and cold, or if you are feeling dizzy, these are signs that you might be dehydrated.

You Might Be Overly Stressed

When you are feeling frazzled, your adrenal glands release a hormone known as cortisol, and that hormone plays a role in how your body responds to stress. Researchers have found that individuals who have more sodium in their body end up releasing lower amounts of cortisol when they are feeling stressed. Therefore, experts believe that, when you crave salt, it might just be your body’s way of coping with high levels of stress.

Warning Signs for Disease

Having strong cravings for salty foods might also indicate a more serious problem, such as Bartter syndrome, which means your body is unable to hold onto sodium. Basically, the salt that you consume is removed from your body through urine, so you end up being chronically deficient. Or it might be a sign that you have Addison’s disease, which causes a reduction in the level of hormones that are made by the adrenal glands.

Now that you have a better understanding of some of the things that could lead to cravings for salt, you can listen to your body better and try to pinpoint what’s going on. Ultimately, when you’re craving salty foods, it isn’t only because those foods taste good; it might be because your body is out of balance and the salt is required to restore that balance.

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