Erectile Dysfunction Supplements are Commonly Tainted with Drugs, Study Says

tainted erectile dysfunction supplements

Do you take supplements that you buy over-the-counter? Have you ever thought about how pure they really are?

According to South China Morning Post, when experts looked into 746 supplements, they discovered that nearly all of the products that were sold for weight loss, muscle growth, and sexual enhancement (such as erectile dysfunction supplements) were tainted with dangerous ingredients.

Dangerous Erectile Dysfunction Supplements

Researchers often found sildenafil (also known as Viagra) in contaminated over-the-counter supplements. However, additional drugs for erectile dysfunction were also found in products sold for sexual enhancement.

What’s particularly concerning is that the contaminated supplements weren’t a rarity. In fact, roughly 80% of all of the supplements that were tested were actually contaminated by a pharmaceutical that wasn’t supposed to be in the products. Another 20% of the products that were tested were worse, with at least two drugs. Plus, two supplements even had a whopping six drugs in them that shouldn’t have been there.

Why Is This a Big Deal?

The fact that so many supplements are contaminated creates a dangerous situation for consumers who don’t know that they are taking products that contain hidden drugs within the ingredients. Plus, less than half of the supplements that were contaminated were recalled.

More importantly, the drugs contained in the contaminated supplements, including in the erectile dysfunction supplements, can pose a serious risk to people’s health. Adverse side effects, overuse, misuse, and harmful interactions with other medicines are just a few of the concerns. The drugs might even adversely interact with a consumer’s underlying health condition, so the fact that people don’t know what they’re taking is a serious issue.

How to Stay Safe

If you have a health problem, such as erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor. Don’t just take any over-the-counter supplement that you find that makes grand promises. In the meantime, the FDA is taking steps to get harmful products off the market.

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