FDA Approves Johnson & Johnson’s Breakthrough Depression Drug

Johnson & Johnson's Depression Drug

Depression is a serious mental health issue that affects people all over the world, and experts are continually working on discovering new, better solutions that can help people combat their feelings of depression and lead happier lives. As an example, Johnson & Johnson made headlines, thanks to the FDA’s approval of its breakthrough depression drug. Keep reading to learn more about it below.

A Fast-Acting Depression Drug

If you have been diagnosed as severely depressed, rest assured that there is a new option that your doctor might recommend trying. The FDA has greenlighted a nasal spray developed by Johnson & Johnson. It is called Spravato, and it is similar to ketamine.

The great thing about Spravato is the fact that it works fast, so it can quickly reduce the symptoms associated with depression. This new way of treating depression is considered a breakthrough, and it is providing a lot of hope to patients who are depressed, and the doctors who treat those patients.

More Details About This New Depression Drug

How much will Spravato cost, considering that it is such as new depression drug, and it is deemed the first big breakthrough medication for the treatment of depression since the release of Prozac back in the ‘80s? Well, according to Fortune, the first month will bring in a cost of up to $6,785, but that price will end up declining to upwards of $3,540 per month.

The important thing to understand is that other depression treatments could take several weeks before they start working, and those existing treatments aren’t appropriate for everyone who suffers from depression. Therefore, this new Johnson & Johnson product, which is designed to work quickly, truly stands out. And, it is likely going to encourage researchers to find similar solutions as they work on additional depression drugs.

Are You Depressed? Don’t Hesitate to Seek Treatments

If you are suffering from depression, always remember that you aren’t alone. Many people are depressed, but they hesitate to seek help, and they end up hurting themselves in the long run. It’s best to open up and talk to a therapist or trusted doctor who can guide you in the right direction towards treatments that can help you feel good again. You don’t have to live with depression, and you don’t have to suffer with the symptoms that come with feeling down all the time. Instead, you can take action, and with new medications like Spravato hitting the market, there is a solution out there for you.

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