People Are Dying from Vaping Related Illness: What Should You Know?

Are People Dying from Vaping?

If you thought that vaping was totally safe, think again. More and more information has been coming out recently regarding the dangers of this alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, and people are even dying from vaping related illness. Keep reading to discover what you should know to protect yourself.

How Are People Dying from Vaping? 

According to CNN, an increasing number of people have been dying from vaping. In fact, hundreds of possible cases of lung illness have been linked with the use of e-cigarettes for vaping.

Experts are not yet entirely sure what is causing the serious lung illnesses that are causing people to become severely ill after using vaping products. Some states are conducting investigations to get to the answers that they need to help the public make smarter choices for their health.

The only thing that is known is that all of the cases that have been reported include patients who have used e-cigs. And, some people who have fallen ill even stated that they were using vaping products that contained cannabinoids like THC.

What Should You Do? 

Because the number of people who are falling ill and passing away from vaping continues to rise, experts are advising everyone to quit vaping, and to quit smoking in general. We already knew that tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products are harmful to human health, and that secondhand smoke can be extremely damaging as well, even to non-smokers. But, now that vaping is proving to be dangerous too, it really is best to quit the smoking habit altogether.

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