Top 5 Steps to a Girls Getaway Vacation You’ll Never Forget

Ultimate Girls Getaway Tips

You’ve been wanting a girls getaway with your friends – and possibly your sister – for years. Now’s the time to get going with the planning. After all, if you don’t start to take the first steps, it’ll never happen. Don’t let it be one of those things that you always say you’ll do but never get around to doing.

Why Now?

A girls getaway can be an unforgettable time for you all. You can enjoy each others’ company and make memories together that can be defining for your relationships. It’s the opportunity to come together at a time in your lives when scheduling conflicts usually keep you apart.

Use these tips to create a girls getaway vacation you’ll never forget.

Top 5 Steps for an Unforgettable Girls Getaway Vacation

  1. Start right now – Stop waiting to plan your girls getaway. Look over your calendar and check out the dates that work best for you next year. Jot them all down, then start calling, emailing or texting the friends you want to invite. Find out which dates work best for them. Starting very early will give you the best chances of finding a time that will work for everyone.
  2. Start booking – Once you have your dates, make sure you can actually travel on them. Start looking into your accommodations and transportation right away. Give yourself time to search for some great opportunities and decent prices but don’t wait so long that everything will be booked up. Lock in your luxury villa rental or resort rooms as well as your train or airline tickets as soon as you reasonably can.
  3. Be frugal, not cheap – Be reasonable about your budget and how you spend it. Recognize that there are some places where you can save money and others where it’s worth it to splurge. Accommodations for a girls getaway should be a priority. Yes, you’ll be heading out to see the sites but in a group like this, you’ll spend some time relaxing back at the place where you’re staying.
    With a group, it makes sense to rent an oceanfront villa as opposed to half a dozen individual hotel rooms because you’ll have more space, the chances for a private chef and other luxury features and can split the cost among you. Many people are surprised at the type of accommodations that are affordable when split five or six ways!
  4. Be organized or not – Consider everyone in your group and the way you like to travel. Are you the type of people who want a set itinerary booked right down to the minute? Alternately, do you like to take things as they come? Do you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) or do you feel that if something was meant to be, it will simply happen? Design your trip based on the comfort level of your group, not what your travel guide necessarily has to say.
  5. Plan a few special things – Even if you want to take things as they come on your girls getaway, have a few special things planned. Book a special meal at a fancy restaurant, for example, or plan a special activity or event. That way, you’ll all have a few core things to look forward to, even if you spend the rest of the time relaxing on the beach and laughing at shared stories and memories.

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