Skin-Friendly Lifestyle Tips to Prevent and Correct Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Prevent Loose Skin After Weight Loss

One of the most common side effects of losing a lot of weight is loose skin. While you might feel great about achieving such amazing slim-down results, that extra skin can be embarrassing and unsightly. Thankfully, there are some tips that you can follow to not only prevent, but also correct, loose skin after weight loss, and a few of them are listed below.

Don’t Try to Lose Too Much Weight Too Fast

One reason why some people end up with loose skin after weight loss is because they lost those extra pounds way too quickly, without giving their body a chance to adjust to the changes. So, by making it a point to lose weight at a pace that is slow, steady, and reasonable, you can prevent this problem before it occurs.

According to Lifehacker, you can lose weight at the right pace by maintaining a calorie deficit that’s roughly 15% under what would be your maintenance calorie requirements.

Perform Strength Training Exercises to Build Muscle

What if you ended up with loose skin after weight loss because you didn’t know how to prevent it in the first place? Well, you could fill that skin in with strong, sexy muscles. The goal is to maintain the muscle you have, as well as increase your muscle mass throughout your body.

It all goes back to losing too much weight too quickly. If you ended up losing muscle, in addition to fat, loose skin is more likely to occur. Lifting weights and performing bodyweight exercises is a great way to counteract the damage that was done. Once your muscles get larger and more defined, you should notice that the skin starts to fit around those muscles more tightly, and the sagging will diminish.

Preventing and eliminating saggy skin after weight loss might seem a bit challenging at first, but by setting yourself up on the right course, you will be able to achieve great weight loss results without any embarrassing skin problems.

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