Teen Pot Use Increases Risk of Depression and Suicide

Teen Pot Use and Depression

There has been a surge of information regarding the use of cannabis, and the potential benefits of using the plant for health purposes. However, the use of pot amongst teens may not be as beneficial as these young people assume. In fact, experts have discovered that teen pot use actually increases the risk of depression and suicide.

Some Insights from a New Study

According to Global News, a study has suggested that teenagers who smoke marijuana on a regular basis end up increasing their risk of depression and suicidal behavior in young adulthood.

After researchers analyzed several international studies that involved individuals who were between the ages of 18 and 32, and who smoked pot daily or weekly when they were 18 years old or younger, they realized that there was a higher rate of suicide ideation and attempts, as well as depression, amongst those who smoked.

It is worth noting that experts didn’t really note any difference in the effects of the pot use among teens who smoked weekly versus those who smoked daily. It is believed that this is because the THC in pot remains in the body for up to a month in some individuals, so the effects are longer lasting than the average person might expect.

The results of this research basically state that, if teen pot use increases, there is a chance that a greater number of young adults will end up being diagnosed with mental health problems.

Education Is Important to Reduce Teen Pot Use

The best way to tackle the problem of teen pot use is to educate young people on the risks of the use of marijuana. By doing so, adults can help prevent teens from becoming addicted to smoking pot. Taking these steps can also help prevent future health problems, such as depression and suicide attempts, as well.

If you are the parent of an adolescent or a teenager, it is wise to talk to them about marijuana, and help them understand that there are risks involved with smoking it. It is also a good idea to explain that medical marijuana is used under the direction of a trained physician, and the recent research into the benefits of cannabis does not mean that smoking pot as a teen will be healthy. With the right education, recreational pot use can be prevented, and teens’ mental health can also be supported.

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