Preventing Holiday Weight Gain May Be as Easy as Fruits and Veggies

Preventing Holiday Weight Gain with Fruits and Veggies

Do you need more reasons to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet? Well, it turns out that preventing holiday weight gain might be as easy as adding these nutritious ingredients into your meal plans more often. Check out the information below to learn more so you can take additional steps towards maintaining a healthy weight during this busy and exciting time of year.

A Super Easy Way to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain 

Looking for an easy way to keep your weight in check during the holidays? Add more fruits and veggies to your plate, to the point that they make up half of your portion. That’s it! So simple, right?

How does it all work? Well, fruits and veggies are totally natural and unprocessed, so that is definitely a plus. You want to get more unprocessed and nutritious foods into your diet, not only for your weight, but also for your overall health.

Beyond that, these foods, which are high in vitamins and minerals, are also high in filling fiber, yet they are low in calories and fat. Therefore, you can fill yourself up guilt-free. When you add more fruits and veggies to a meal, you will likely find that you are satisfied sooner, even though you are consuming fewer calories. That, in turn, can help you in preventing holiday weight gain, especially during the holidays.

Clever Ways to Get More of These Foods into Your Diet 

According to The Courier-Times, you don’t have to restrict yourself to eating raw or cooked veggies. Instead, you can add more nutritious ingredients into your meals in various other ways. For example, consider trying the following:

  • Try to substitute butter in recipes for healthy olive oil
  • Use various spices and herbs in your recipes for extra flavor
  • Prepare meals that feature the colors of the rainbow
  • Reduce your intake of starchy foods and replace them with whole grains
  • Reduce your intake of fat by replacing dairy with non-dairy ingredients

Don’t Forget to Exercise During the Holiday Season, Too! 

In addition to eating more fruits and vegetables throughout the holiday season, don’t forget the importance of exercising as well. Try not to fall off course, no matter how busy your holiday plans become. That way, you can not only keep your calorie intake in check, but you can also ensure you are burning calories through plenty of physical activity.

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